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New Leak Exposes Samsung Galaxy S10’s BIGGEST Secrets


We previously talked about how Samsung’s CEO was spotted using Galaxy Note 9 in the public ahead of the device’s launch date which shows us that Samsung is already planning for the future. However, a brand-new leak that comes from none other than the famous Ming-Chi Kuo is showing everyone that Samsung has already finished designing next year’s Galaxy S10 and that it will come with two unique features.

Biggest Galaxy S Flagship Yet!

Ming-Chi Kuo is a tech analyst who manages to predict upcoming tech devices from both Apple and Samsung. The analyst has a good track record and nearly everything he has leaked was proven to be true.

Therefore, we strongly believe that Ming-Chi Kuo’s new leak is true. With that said, the analyst is reporting that Galaxy S10 will be Samsung’s biggest smartphone yet, even bigger than the Galaxy Note lineup!

Massive Display

A recent leak revealed that Apple wants to launch three models of its next-generation iPhone 2018 and according to Ming-Chi Kuo, Samsung is looking to do the same with Galaxy S10 in 2019.

The analyst is saying that Samsung is currently adding the finishing touches to three Galaxy S10 models and that one of them measures in at 6.44-inches! This will be the largest smartphone Samsung has ever created.

In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

The second Galaxy S10 feature that Ming-Chi Kuo leaked was the smartphone’s in-display fingerprint scanner. Samsung received lots of flack from its fan base for equipping Galaxy S9 with a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner because people had a difficult time getting used to it and they put their fingers on the camera lens instead.

Luckily, Samsung is looking to address this issue and Galaxy S10’s fingerprint scanner will be installed beneath the display. This is a cool feature and it will give Samsung more room to add other innovative features on the rear side.


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