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New iPhone X 2018 Leak: Apple Plans to Offer Faster Charging


Even though Apple and Samsung have been competing for a couple of years now, the Cupertino based tech giant was being left behind. The reason we are saying that is because Samsung kept on improving its flagship smartphones with powerful hardware and cool features while Apple stagnated.

Fortunately, Apple noticed that it needed to make a significant change if it wants to keep its fans happy and launched iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

Reinventing the iPhone Design

Apple made sure to make its flagship iPhones more powerful with each year, but the tech giant didn’t alter the design too much. This caused fans to get upset with Apple and they said that Apple uses the same design style since iPhone 6S.

Even though Apple needed a couple of years to notice what fans were complaining about, the tech giant launched iPhone X which features an innovative design that changes everyone’s opinion about what the “perfect iOS” device should look like.

Things get even better than this, since Apple is expected to keep innovating the iPhone lineup in 2018 with cool features and powerful hardware specs. In fact, a brand-new leak shows us what the next feature that Apple is planning to bundle with its 2018 iPhone X model will be.

Faster Charger

While iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are shipping with wireless and cable charges, Apple wants to take things to the next level by adding an even faster charger. The charger was recently leaked on a Chinese website and it shows that it will use a USB-C port which connects to the lightning cable.

The faster charger is a great addition to the iPhone lineup and it’s surely going to give an advantage to the upcoming iPhone X model when compared to other flagship smartphones.