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New iPhone 2018 Leak: Apple Plans to Stop Buying OLED Displays from Samsung


Even though Apple and Samsung are rivals, the two companies still rely on each other. For those who don’t know, Apple purchased the OLED displays that are featured on the latest iPhone X from Samsung.

Therefore, Apple gets a supply of premium OLED displays while Samsung generates revenue by selling hardware. However, this “partnership” is going to end now that Apple has found a new manufacturer.

Apple Finds New OLED Manufacturer

Apple kept saying for a couple of years that it wants to stop working with Samsung and team up with a different hardware manufacturer instead. The reason behind this is quite simple, Apple doesn’t want to help Samsung generate profits while revealing crucial details about its upcoming flagship iPhones to the South Korean tech giant.

LG Displays

Reports are showing that Apple is planning to choose LG Displays as an alternative to Samsung. Moreover, the information comes from Apple insider sources. While this might be terrible news for Samsung, Apple fans should be happy to know that the new Apple and LG partnership is going to lower the price of Apple’s upcoming iPhones by $100 because of the lesser manufacturing costs.

“Initially, Apple will get between 3 million and 5 million OLED displays from LG Display. LG Plans to increase its production capacity. Apple is attempting to release iPhones with enhanced features next year and it’s eyeing developing foldable iPhones, which will come several years later” said the Apple insider source.

Apple is Looking to The Future

The Apple insider who is leaking information is proving that even though the next-generation iPhone X hasn’t been revealed yet, the Cupertino based tech giant is already looking towards the future and thinking of ways of designing a foldable iPhone. Unfortunately, this innovative iPhone is not going to be unveiled too soon and we are going to wait a bunch of years before it comes out.