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New Google Assistant Handles Three Commands at the Same Time


Google is without a doubt one of the biggest tech companies in the world. While most people might know Google for its famous search engine and Android operating system, the tech giant is making waves in the smartphone industry with its Pixel lineup as well. In fact, the Android parent is getting closer to launching Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL which are said to represent the best Android-powered smartphones that the market will have to offer.

Google Plans to Take Over Samsung and Apple

Nonetheless, Samsung and Apple also reinvented their flagship smartphones in 2018 and this is pushing Google to come out with even more innovative software in order to get the upper hand over its competition.

While Google might not be able to surpass Samsung and Apple when it comes to hardware parts since both Galaxy S9 and iPhone X offer impressive performances, Google is looking to get an advantage over them by making its AI Assistant more powerful than ever!

Enhanced Google Assistant

Google has been making huge progress with AI technology during this past couple of years and it looks like the Android parent will never stop from improving its AI assistant. During the recent Google I/O event, the Android parent decided to show the entire what its new AI Assistant is capable of by highlighting that it can take care of three tasks at the same time.

The Google AI Assistant was asked the following question: “Ok Google, who was president when Kevin Durant was drafted into the NBA and what team drafted him?”. These are three questions and the AI Assistant was able to answer them at the same time.

With that being said, the upcoming Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are surely going to steal the spotlight from Samsung and Apple when they come out featuring the new and improved Google AI Assistant.