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New Gmail Interface Activation – Try It Right Now, Before Google Rolls It Out Automatically


Gmail has a new interface released by Google during the past week, as the company decided to implement the biggest change for the platform in recent years and many people are eager to try to see if they like it. Here are the easy steps to follow for the new Gmail interface activation.

Gmail should notify users when they can activate the new interface, which is distributed globally at these times, but if you want to activate it yourself, you can do it very simply and quickly.

Gmail has a new button called Try The New Gmail that allows you to enable the new interface for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and virtually on any OS, and in the image below you can see how you can quickly activate the feature to benefit from the biggest GUI change Google has implemented in its email provider, in years.

The button that Gmail has for its users is visible by clicking the button which gives access to the inbox interface customization options, which is visible on the right side of the screen when viewing the emails in your Gmail inbox.

The New Gmail Interface Activation

Gmail will immediately activate the new inbox interface after you click the Try The New Gmail button, and everything is done in just a few seconds after Google will load up the interface on your computer.

The new Gmail interface does not really attract everyone, so for those who are not happy with this substantial design change, there is a button called Go Back To Classic Gmail which will reactivate the old interface.

Gmail has implemented many interesting features for the mail service used by more than 1.4 billion people on the planet, including email protection, email reminders, and more.

Google will automatically turn on the new Gmail interface for all users in the upcoming weeks but, even then, you will be able to get back to the old and classic interface.