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New Emoji Shortcut Available on Google Chrome


It appears that Google Chrome decided to make it easier for desktop users who want to use emoji. It appears that the browser intends to add an option that will allow you to add emoji. You will be able to do that by right-clicking a text field and then selecting the  emoji option.

There will be emoji available for all OS, including Windows, Mac, Chrome OS and Linux. At the moment this option is not available for everyone, but you should be able to find it if you head to chrome://flags. Until now, users had to use extensions if they wanted to add emojis, but this new feature should fix that.

It is not surprising to see Google Chrome add emojis, as they have become increasingly popular in the last years. Nowadays, they are a legit form of communication and everyone uses them, from teenagers to the grown-ups.

Other ways to add emoji

Emoji are an original way of communicating and there are already a couple of ways to add emoji on desktop. For example, some Windows devices have that on the touch keyboard. Mac users are also able to use Command + Control + Space.

Additionally, there are some apps like Skype, Discord, Messenger or Slack that all come with their own emoji. Nevertheless, Google Chrome’s decision is definitely a good one and numerous users should enjoy using emoji anytime they want.

We do not know yet when this new feature will become available for all Google Chrome users, but it should not take too long, as long as it proves to be stable enough. Right now, the shortcut is available in the latest version of Chrome Canary. Therefore, if you have access to the test version of the browser you might be able to test the emoji.