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New Apple Watch Series 4 Leak Reveals Unique Smartwatch Feature


Today Apple started sending out invites to a special event that will take place on August 12th and this shows us that the next-generation iPhones are closer than ever. However, Apple seems to have “forgotten” to mention that its event will also be the place where a new Watch Series 4 will be unveiled at.

The reason we know this is because a new Apple leak surfaced on the web and it shows us what Watch Series 4 looks like. Not just that, but it also reveals a cool feature that other smartwatches will not have.

Apple Watch Series 4

The leaked picture of Watch Series 4 shows us that this smartwatch is way bigger than its predecessors and that it ships with a redesigned UI (user interface). The new UI seems to have room for up to eight Complications which will make it easier for Apple fans to access their favorite apps and to get faster information.

While the UI might look a bit overcrowded in the leaked picture, it’s still customizable and Apple fans will be able to edit and remove the Complications that they don’t use on a regular basis. Nonetheless, let’s get to the unique feature that only Watch Series 4 has.

Unique Smartwatch Feature

The smartwatch market is highly competitive and Apple needed to come up with an innovative feature that will help shine the spotlight on Watch Series 4 and this is exactly what Apple did. The leaked picture shows us that Watch Series 4 will feature a UVI Complication.

This will allow Apple fans to get UV readings and see how much sun exposure they are getting. While this feature might not be that groundbreaking, it’s still nice to have and it will prove to be quite useful for beachgoers.