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New Apple Leak: iPhone X Plus and iPhone LCD Revealed Ahead of Launch


Apple has made a name for itself through the innovative ways that it markets its products. However, Apple’s job is becoming increasingly more difficult every year because the company’s upcoming devices keep leaking out which makes it harder for Apple to launch “surprise reveals”. Nonetheless, this is good news for Apple fans since it means they get to see what the future holds in store for them.

iPhone X Plus and iPhone LCD Leak

Since we are talking about iPhone leaks, Apple fans should be happy to know that Ben Geskin has managed to get his hands on a picture that reveals what iPhone X Plus and the affordable iPhone X with LCD will look like. With that said, let’s check out everything there is to know about the two upcoming iPhone models.

Apple Flagship

iPhone X Plus will hold the title of being Apple’s flagship and therefore, this smartphone will cost more than $1,000 and for a hefty price like that, Apple is expected to equip it with cutting-edge hardware specs.

On the downside of things, we don’t know what type of CPU iPhone X Plus will feature but the new leak does show us that it will ship with a huge 6.5-inch display. To make things even better, the display will use OLED technology.

Affordable iPhone X

The second iPhone that is being revealed in this latest leak is the affordable version of iPhone X. This device will ship with a 6.1-inch display that uses LCD technology. However, the downgrade in display technology is not such a bad thing because it allows Apple to pair it with a lower price than usual.

We should also mention that the LCD display is not the only downgrade that the affordable iPhone X will feature since it will also come with only one rear camera. On the other hand, the larger iPhone X Plus will feature a dual-camera setup.