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New Android Smartphone from Palm Leaks Out with the Strangest Hardware Specs


The smartphone industry is highly competitive and its difficult for new companies to be successful. Although, who can blame customers for opting to go with a smartphone produced by a big brand such as Samsung, Google or Apple instead of buying one from a company that doesn’t share the same brand recognition.

Palm New Smartphone

Even though securing a spot in the smartphone industry might sound like an impossible task for smaller companies, this doesn’t mean they are giving up. The perfect example of this is Palm’s new smartphone which recently surfaced on the web. The first thing we need to mention about this is that the new smartphone runs on Android OS and that its specs are really strange…

Android OS

Most people don’t know this, but Palm once created a mobile operating system that was renowned for being better than Apple’s iOS. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out too well for Palm and the operating system was shut down. Nonetheless, the new smartphone runs on Google’s Android OS and this comes as a surprise since we expected Palm OS to make a comeback.

Strange Hardware Specs

While tech companies like Samsung, Google and Apple are equipping their flagship smartphones with cutting-edge hardware and massive displays, Palm decided to take a different route. The new Android smartphone ships with a tiny 3.3-inches display that uses LCD technology and features a pixel resolution of 720p.

To make things even stranger, Palm’s new smartphone is fueled by a rather small 800 mAh battery that is paired with a Snapdragon 435 CPU and 3GB of RAM. The interesting thing is that the CPU is quite powerful despite the small display and battery.

Low-End Smartphone

From the looks of it, Palm realized that it couldn’t compete against the flagship devices that Samsung, Google and Apple keep releasing every year and decided to take a stab at the low-end smartphone industry.


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