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Netflix vs Hulu: The World’s Most Popular Streaming Services Fight Against Each Other


It’s hard to imagine a world where people don’t have access to online streaming services. Traditional cable companies are just not offering the same services that companies such as Netflix and Hulu are.

The thing that makes Netflix and Hulu special is the fact that people can tune in and watch their favorite movies or TV shows at their leisure without having to sit through minutes of ads.

Netflix vs Hulu

The two most popular services in the world are undoubtedly Netflix and Hulu. Both platforms are similar to each other but there are a few key differences which set them apart. With that said, let’s see how well these streaming services fair against each other.

Netflix Key Features

First off, Netflix charges subscribers for $7.99 per month. This subscription contains one screen in standard definition, but people can also subscribe for $10.99 per month and receive two screens simultaneously in high definition.

Leaving the subscription cost aside, Netflix shines when it comes to original content. Netflix loves to invest money in shows that other companies would refuse and make entertainment masterpieces out of them. Just take Stranger Things and House of Cards for example.

Hulu Key Features

Just like Netflix, Hulu charges the same $7.99 subscription fee per month. However, this includes the base tier of content and it still shows commercials which can be removed for an additional $4. Therefore, the real price of Hulu is $11.99.

The biggest difference between Hulu and Netflix is the fact that Hulu focuses more on movies rather than TV shows. Although, Hulu still has some awesome exclusive shows such as The Flash, Arrow and Supernatural.

Final Thoughts

From the looks of it, Netflix is the winner in this brief comparison. Netflix offers a better price and it contains some of the world’s most awesome shows. Even though Hulu is owned by the operators of three major TV networks, it just doesn’t offer the same amount of premium content as Netflix does.