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Netflix Ultra Is The New Subscription Plan That Gives Access To 4K Content With HDR


There is a new feature in Netflix, and this time it has nothing to do with an extension of its catalog of movies and TV series, but with new subscription options. Netflix launches a new subscription plan, Netflix Ultra which includes 4K content with HDR, plus simultaneous viewing on up to four devices.

This plan has already become official in several countries.

Netflix added the Ultra subscription plan

Netflix now has four subscription plans, namely, Basic, Standard, Premium, and Ultra.

The newly added Netflix Ultra plan includes content in the 4K and HDR format, with the possibility of simultaneous playback on up to four devices.

It is a leap forward from the Premium plan which was the most advanced to date. The inclusion of 4K and in addition to HDR responds to the popularization of TVs and monitors with these two features, increasingly cheap and accessible to all.

Netflix Ultra price

In addition to what Netflix Ultra includes, the price has also been revealed.

The new plan will cost $19.80, meaning that would cost about $6 more than the Premium plan.

The only current difference between Premium and Ultra is that the latter includes HDR content. We’ll see if users think it’s worth paying a lot more for this feature.

The new Ultra subscription plan on Netflix is undergoing a trial period for now

What is quite clear is that Netflix is thinking of changing its pricing and subscription plans. While they do not include new features for users who have the most advanced plans, Netflix is making its plans more expensive to increase the profits.

We must not forget that it is a company that, despite having millions of users all over the world, still does not meet the expectations of its shareholders, who encouraged the Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, to look for new ways to monetize the audience.

Also noteworthy is that the release of Netflix Ultra plan is not yet 100% official. Some users already have this option, but others do not, so we will have to wait for official confirmation from the company.