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Must-Have Chrome Extensions To Boost Ecommerce Business


Having a successful ecommerce platform is not easy and there are many things to consider. One of them is getting a god Chrome extension to boost your business. Using the right tools is a key step towards making money. Chrome extensions are used to access more advanced operations on websites and your platform can only benefit from it in 2018. These are the ones that made the list:

  • Jungle Scout

This Chrome extension allows users to validate their product ideas using trustworthy sales data such as ranks, sales, reviews and ratings. It is great for those who need some reassurance and wants to develop an informed strategy. In 2016, Amazon got $22.99 billion only in third-party seller-service revenues. This means that you need an extension such as Jungle Scout to find out what it takes for your product to be sold on a big ecommerce site such as Amazon.

  • Buffer

An effective tool used to share content on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin from anywhere else on the web. This Chrome extension will assist users in putting up posts and spread the most important content, but not at the same time. It is ideal for those who understand the importance of SNS for today’s ecommerce and how to positively promote your product. Basically, Buffer is your social media specialist.

  • Factory Confirm

This is the first Chrome extension to use if you are at the beginning (startup). It can be overwhelming to find the right factory and to keep a good relationship with it. Not even Alibaba, the most famous website designed to facilitate international business can help you fast enough.

Factory Confirm analyzes the manufacturer listing on Alibaba by verifying over 20 data points on company pages, external third party searches and more and it will help you connect with legitimate factories free of cost.