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MSI Has Just Announced Its New Gaming Monitors Series, The MSI Optix MAG


One of the most significant features of MSI is that they always renew their offer for the gamers. That is why the Taiwanese company has decided to respond with a specific type of product that has so far been little exploited – gaming monitors with curved screens. MSI presents the new Optix MAG models, namely, MAG241C, MAG241CR, MAG271C and MAG271CR monitors.

MSI Optix Mag models will come out equipped with the best features for gaming monitors

The Optix MAG models are equipped with gaming features designed to ensure total immersion in the game.

The MAG241C and MAG241CR offer a curved VA 1500R display, and the MAG271C and MAG271CR have a 1800R panel. All offer a 144 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time for impeccable graphics performance.

Optix MAG monitors also feature 178 degrees panoramic viewing angle, blue light and flicker protection technology, and adjustable tilt angle for added comfort. Also, they offer a feature that can be of great help during shooting games – a viewfinder can be displayed on the screen to reach its target more easily.

The neat design of the MSI Optix MAG gaming monitors hides a smart helmet rest on the left side, and Gaming Echo will control the RGB LEDs on the rear. ThisĀ feature will allow them to react according to the sound.

The release date and prices of the new MSI Optix MAG monitors have not yet been announced.

New MSI Optix MAG gaming monitors feature curved screens

The Optix MAG monitors offer a curved VA 1500R for the 23,6” models and 1800R for the 27” models.

This format ensures a comfortable and perfectly adapted experience for gaming and office automation.

For gaming, these curved screens contribute to a good immersion, which can be improved by connecting several monitors and thus benefit from a multi-screen configuration.