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Movavi Video Converter for Mac Review


Want to be able to quickly convert any videos between different formats on your Mac? As you may have noted there are lots of converters that you could use, but many are too technical or have lots of limitations that make them situational at best.


If you’re looking for a video converter that is fast, easy to use, and has no limitations to speak of – try Movavi Video Converter for Mac. With it you should have no trouble converting your videos to any format that you require, and that’s really just the start.


Video Conversion Made Easy


While other video converters frequently overcomplicate video conversion, Movavi Video Converter for Mac simplifies it instead. Essentially all that needs to be done to convert a video is add it to the converter, select the format that you want, and then press on the ‘Convert’ button to begin.


In the event that you don’t know which format is best for a specific device or platform, Movavi Video Converter for Mac has hundreds of built-in presets that can help. When you select a preset the converter will automatically use the best video format and settings for that device and platform. If your device is plugged in, it is even able to instantly recognize it and automatically use the best preset accordingly.


To put it simply, Movavi Video Converter for Mac will truly make it easy to convert your video to exactly the format that is needed – in any situation. It is worth noting that if you want you can manually set up the video parameters, including the resolution, frame rate, and bitrate. In fact you could even compress your videos down to a specific file size and the convert will automatically adjust the bitrate to correspond with it.


Powerful Capabilities


Converting videos isn’t all that Movavi Video Converter for Mac can do, and it is actually able to convert other types of media files – i.e. audio files and images. That gives rise to a number of interesting possibilities to cross-convert different types of media files so you will be able to create animated GIFs from video clips, extract audio tracks from videos, or grab screenshots from videos.


Apart from that Movavi Video Converter for Mac has several editing tools as well. The editing features that come with it are designed to help prepare videos in various ways, such as by enhancing the video quality, fixing any issues that are present, editing the audio, resizing the frame, or adding customizable captions.


Overall if you need a video converter, you aren’t likely to find anything that is easier, more capable or faster than Movavi Video Converter for Mac – and its other features will extend that advantage further. If you want to be able to manage media files of all kinds then you should definitely try it out right here and right now, so you can see what it can do as well as how easily it will let you convert and prepare your media.