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Motorola XT1926-6 AND XT1926-7 FCC Leak Reveals Dimensions and Features


It seems like Motorola is preparing to unveil a bunch of smartphones during the upcoming months. Motorola already stole the spotlight during the Mobile World Congress tech event with its latest smartphones, but that wasn’t enough. The reason we are saying this is because a recent FCC report leaked important information about two of Motorola’s upcoming smartphones.

Motorola XT1926-6 AND XT1926-7

The two smartphones we are talking about are known only by their codenames and they are “XT1926-6” and “XT1926-7”. Before we get into what type of information this recent FCC leak contains, we need to mention that usually when a device is cleared by the FCC it means that it’s ready to be launched.

Therefore, no one should be shocked to find out that Motorola will be making headlines during the upcoming weeks with two newly launched smartphones. Nonetheless, let’s check out what this latest leak tells us about Motorola’s latest smartphones.


As we can clearly see in the leaked picture, the two smartphones will measure in at 75.5mm on the top side and 166mm on the diagonal. This shows us that Motorola’s upcoming devices will be quite big which leads us to believe that they might fit in the mid to high ranged budget prices.

Moving on, the leak also reveals that the smartphones will feature a 2.4GHz WLAN & BT antenna on the top left corner and only one rear mounted camera. The back panel is also coupled with a NFC antenna that’s going to make it easier for users to share files.

Moto G6 Play Leak

Also, worth noting is that these two smartphones that we only know by their codenames are not the only Motorola devices to be leaked. Moto G6 Play also made an appearance in an NCC report and it showed us its dimensions.