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Minecraft On Nintendo Switch Update To Allow Cross-Play With Xbox – Sony Is Still Out Of Cross-Playing


Minecraft on Nintendo Switch is receiving a significant upgrade today, bringing the so-called Bedrock Engine to the Nintendo handheld, which will allow us to cross-play with PCs, Xbox One, and smartphones, but not with PlayStation 4. Nintendo and Microsoft are taking advantage of this cross-play partnership as a marketing tool against Sony.

Despite the considerable controversy that is being generated, Sony remains in its position and continues to block its cross-play for several of its games such as Fortnite, Rocket League, and Minecraft.

As one of Sony’s former employees stated on Twitter, “the internally declared reason for this was the money. They didn’t like it when someone bought something on an Xbox and used it on a PlayStation.”

This statement showed that Sony gives no importance to developers and players, who will still not be able to play against other Xbox One or Nintendo Switch players.

“Create, explore, survive… Better together” – Minecraft on Nintendo Switch get cross-play with Xbox

While it is true that it is quite unusual to see such announcements of partnerships between console rivals, such as Nintendo Switch and Xbox. What is clear is that rather than promoting their new friendship, both companies are seeking to blame Sony for being the only company that refuses to allow cross-play between consoles, and to emphasizes the anger of players towards it.

The most disgruntled are still Fortnite players, as Sony still holds gamers’ accounts halted, in their fight to stay out of cross-play, not only by not allowing them to cross-play but also by preventing them from using Fortnite’s accounts on Switch if they were previously used on PS4, regardless of whether they were initially created on PC.

At the moment Sony is silent, but the recent drop in its shares could result in a new announcement or even a retraction of its “blockade.”

In the meantime, enjoy Minecraft on Nintendo Switch cross-play with Xbox, PC, and smartphones.