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Microsoft’s Next-Generation Xbox One Will Stream Games Instead of Processing Them


If there’s something we all know and love about Microsoft, then it must the fact that this tech giant is always looking to innovate. Microsoft has made a reputation for itself by being the parent of the famous Windows operating system, but this isn’t the only department where Microsoft excels. The tech giant is also in charge of the Xbox gaming system and it recently revealed that it is working on a new cloud gaming system.

Xbox Cloud Gaming System

Microsoft hosted a huge panel during the E3 event which took place last month and that’s where it announced that it is currently developing a special Xbox cloud gaming system. The system is called Scarlett Cloud and Microsoft confirmed today that it will innovate the Xbox ecosystem.

Next-Generation Xbox One

The folks at Thurrot managed to figure out that Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox One console will be available in two models. The first one will be a classic console that ships with powerful hardware specs while the second will not feature any powerful hardware and it will stream games from the cloud instead.

Zero Latency

The biggest issue with streaming games is the fact that there’s a small latency caused by the load up time. Fortunately, Microsoft announced that this is not going to be an issue with the Scarlett Cloud because it will equip the “untraditional” next-gen Xbox One model with a potent CPU that will still process some aspects of the games.

Affordable Price

The reason why Xbox fans should get excited about this latest announcement is because the console which will feature the Scarlett Cloud will be equipped with a more affordable price tag than its counterpart. Therefore, Microsoft is trying to bring a premium gaming experience to people who don’t have enough money to spend on games.