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Microsoft Releases New Windows Collaboration Displays For Smart Meeting Rooms


The tech giant is launching a brand new type of conference room display at Computex. Microsoft manufactures its own Surface Hub but it also decided to team up with more display manufacturers in order to create Windows Collaborations Displays.

“Surface Hub transforms ordinary places into modern collaboration spaces. Everything you need is right here. Connect multiple devices wirelessly and watch your ideas come to life,” says the tech giant on the official website.

Windows Collaboration Displays will enhance management of room-booking systems

Windows Collaboration Displays will have to be hooked up to existing Windows 10 PCs in business and they include built-in sensors that connect to Microsoft’s new Azure IoT spatial intelligence features.

These sensors are developed in such a way that they will be able to detect the presence in a room so that can let a business improve hot the room will be heated or cooled.

This means enhanced management of room-booking systems.

The displays will be hi-resolution, multi-touch and support stylus input.

They will practically be just like the ones that you would find on a Surface Hub.

Microsoft is even certifying that the displays have far fiend microphones for features such as Cortana. Also, a camera will be attached for video conferencing via Microsoft Teams and other software.

Bringing improvements for conference meeting rooms

These new displays are designed to enhance conference meeting rooms.

Usually, businesses use regular TVs or projectors and the displays will turn out much smarter flaunting features such as multi-touch, stylus-input, and intelligent sensors.

It’s also worth noting that the tech giant will not be manufacturing these devices by itself, and some of them will become available from partners such as Sharp and Avocor later this year.