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Microsoft One Drive 5.1 (November Beta 2) APK Download with New Feature Available Right Now


Microsoft’s One Drive is an amazing cloud storage service that makes file sharing between devices a seamless operation. One of One Drive’s highlight features is the fact that it doesn’t limit users to Microsoft’s Windows operating system and that it can transfer files between other operating systems such as Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS and MacOS.

Microsoft One Drive 5.1 (November Beta 2) APK Update

Since this is Microsoft we are talking about, no one should be surprised to find out that One Drive keeps getting better with each day. Microsoft has a reputation for always publishing new features and performance improvements updates to all its apps, and One Drive is not an exception to that rule.

Regarding new updates, the latest version of One Drive is 5.1 (November Beta 2). The update is available for download right now and interested readers can manually install it.

The reason why Microsoft is giving people the option to manually download and install this update is because it has yet to decide when it will roll it out to the wide public. Moreover, the update weighs in at 53.1MB and its targeted towards Android 7.1 Nougat powered devices.

New Feature

According to the update’s changelog, One Drive users are going to benefit from a brand-new feature. The feature we are talking about is designed to help users transfer on-premise files from their smartphones with SharePoint Server 2013 and 2016.

This feature also gives users the ability to open, edit both online and offline their most important files. Although, we need to mention that this feature supports only Windows authentication (also known as NTLM) and Forms-based authentication. Organizations that are interested in this should make sure to contact their local IT admin for additional information.

Available on Google Play Store.