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Microsoft Office 365 User Interface Has Been Redesigned


Microsoft announced on Wednesday that it plans to completely refresh how the user interface of all Office 365 apps look like. This means that popular apps such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Outlook will feature new user interfaces.

The reason why Microsoft is doing this is because it wants all Office 365 apps to be easier to use and to make them more accessible for people with disabilities. We should also mention that users who don’t want the new ribbon can always change to the original one through a simple click.

Office Revamp

Gmail was redesigned two months ago and this was a great change. Gmail was in dire need of an updated user interface and it looks Microsoft decided to set its focus on Office now that Gmail is all set and done. Nonetheless, Office will now feature modernized icons which make it easier for people to understand their purpose.

Highlighting Comments

One of the first changes that Office fans are going to notice while writing a document in Word is that documents will automatically change color when users hover over them. Not just that, but users can also enable a setting where they can hover over the name of a file and this will make it virtually pop up forward.

Search Suggestions

The search function of Office has been changed to now feature suggestions. Users who will type something into the Office search box will receive suggestions of people or files that they typically use.

“A Step In The Right Direction”

The new and updated Office is currently available to a limited number of paying Office users. However, the update is scheduled for a wide release during the upcoming weeks and Microsoft is confident that people are going to love it.

“We’re very confident that it’s a step in the right direction” said John Friedman who is the chief designer for Office.