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Microsoft Might Add Mouse and Keyboard Support to Xbox One


As every console gamer already knows, Microsoft is competing with Sony in a never-ending console war. Sony is usually the one who has the upper hand because the company invests lots of revenue into exclusive AAA titles, but it looks like Microsoft is planning to launch a new device that will help it take over. The device that Microsoft wants to launch is a mouse. Yes, you read that right! Microsoft is planning to give Xbox fans a mouse.

Xbox One Mouse

The first thing we need to mention about this is that the folks at Windows Central were the ones who managed to get their hands on an internal presentation from Microsoft which contained details about a mouse and keyboard. In addition, Microsoft promised Xbox fans that they will be getting a mouse a couple of years ago, but this never happened.

Partnering with Razer

Microsoft partnered with Razer one year ago and created Razer Turret. Razer Turret is a keyboard and mouse peripheral which is designed for comfortable play sessions on the couch, just like most people do with their Xbox console.

However, Microsoft didn’t announce that when Razer Turret will launch and rumor has it that this will be the mouse and keyboard peripherals which will be bundled with Xbox One.

Better Gameplay

While most people would immediately think of the advantages that having a keyboard and mouse brings to FPS games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield, this is not the only thing that these peripherals do.

Having a keyboard and mouse on an Xbox One will make it possible for people to enjoy games such as Dota 2, League of Legends, Age of Empires, StarCraft and all types of RTS (real time strategies) titles that require more buttons than usual.