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Microsoft Launcher For Android Get Updated Cortana And Lots Of New And Improved Features


Microsoft continues to work hard to make its services accessible on all devices. That’s why one of the points that receive more care is the Microsoft Launcher for Android.

Microsoft Launcher for Android is increasingly loaded with more capabilities and also synchronizes and behaves very well with Windows 10.

Just yesterday, the Microsoft Launcher beta received a new update with more new features of all kinds.

The updated Microsoft Launcher for Android brings an improved Cortana assistant version

The outstanding feature of this version comes from Cortana. From this new version, Microsoft Launcher 4.11, on, you will no longer have to open Cortana twice to continue with SMS or phone related issues.

For instance, SMS and multi-shift call support have been provided. This novelty is not the only one.

The beta version of Microsoft Launcher for Android brings a lot of new and updated features

Microsoft rethought many functions of its launcher on Android and implemented a whole bunch of new or enhanced features in comparison to the previous versions.

Thus, in the new updated Microsoft Launcher, parents can show/hide their children on the Family Card whenever they want it.

Also, Microsoft improved reading articles with the Microsoft Edge browser and also added the option to hide the page indicator on the home screen.

Besides, the new Microsoft Launcher for Android comes with an improved welcome page, configuration page, widgets, and context menu.

Microsoft also added support for removing screens in preview mode by dragging and dropping.

If you have the stable version of the Microsoft Launcher for Android, you will not be able to enjoy these new features yet. However, we expect that all these features will also arrive in the next final version of the launcher which most probably will roll out in the upcoming weeks. If you want to try it now, grab the final release from Google Play Store or join the beta testing and get the updates in advance to test them.