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Microsoft in Hardware: A Snapshot of how Microsoft Corporation has been performing


Arguably one of the biggest names when it comes to the world of technology, Microsoft has been a game-changing force.

The company has been coming out with update after update which has changed the way things work with them.

These updates have been rather common when it comes to the software division, but the company is also working towards enhancing their hardware division.

Here’s a look at how Microsoft Corporation has been doing when it comes to the business of hardware devices:

  1. Surface Tablets (and laptop)

Microsoft’s Surface series of devices have been a successful and innovative effort by the company towards heading forward towards the markets of the future.

Microsoft has been innovating their devices since quite a while now, and the Surface series of devices have been that exact change the company has been looking forward towards.

The Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4 tablets as well as the Surface Book laptop have all been doing well for Microsoft, but the company has been losing out in the race in the markets as the iPad Pro sales have been higher than the Surface Pro 4 sales.

  1. Consoles

The console wars which are fought between Sony and Microsoft with the PS4 vs XBOX One feature Microsoft trailing to Sony, as Sony comes out into the markets with some 40 million users while the users for the XBOX consoles are rather limited at just 19 million.

Sony had the advantage earlier on as their release was to a larger audience than of Microsoft and the company has kept on capitalizing on the same fact.

  1. Mobiles

Microsoft Mobiles has been the worst performing division for the company as the division has lot out close to $8 Billion, hit rock bottom with just 10% of the total markets of smartphone users.

The company had to let go of nearly 8000 employees in order to balance out the losses. Furthermore, the Windows 10 Mobile OS devices which the company has been hailing to be the future of the mobile phones runs at only 1% of the above mentioned 10% of the devices. The mobile phone division has clearly been a disaster for Microsoft.

The company is now looking forward to make major amends in the days to follow and the hardware division is expected to get a major boost soon.