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Microsoft Announces New Xbox Hardware and Accessories


Microsoft loves to innovate and this is why it managed to become one of the world’s most successful tech companies. Obviously, everyone knows Microsoft for being the parent of the Windows operating system.

However, Microsoft is also finding massive success in the gaming department. The Xbox consoles that Microsoft offers are renowned for being able to run games with incredible graphics and feature an immersive gameplay experience.

New Xbox Hardware and Accessories

Even though Microsoft’s latest Xbox One X is regarded as the “most powerful gaming console ever”, the tech giant is always looking to improve the performances that its devices can offer.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Microsoft started teasing the fact that it plans to launch newer and more powerful Xbox hardware and accessories.

August 21st Event

Microsoft announced that it plans to host a new event on August 21st at Gamescom and that it’s going to use this event as an opportunity to reveal “lots of new, all-new Xbox hardware and accessories, and features on upcoming titles”. Although, we can be sure that Microsoft will not launch a new Xbox One.

New Xbox Elite Controller

Rumor has it that Microsoft is currently adding the finishing touches to a new controller called Xbox Elite. The thing that makes this controller special is the fact that it supports USB-C charging, Windows 10 compatibility and improved mechanisms for buttons and triggers.

The Holiday Season

We should mention that it makes sense for Microsoft to launch new accessories for Xbox since the holiday season is not that far away and retailers will be able to offer discounts on these devices, thus giving people more incentive to purchase them. Nonetheless, August 21st is not that far away and we will see Microsoft’s surprise in no time.


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