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Microsoft “Affordable” Surface Model will be Powered by a Mid-Range Pentium CPU


Microsoft announced a while ago that it’s working on an affordable Surface model. However, this is the only information that Microsoft unveiled about the upcoming Surface device and it left everything else to speculation.

Fortunately for us and other Microsoft fans, the internet is buzzing with tech leaks and FCC reports which give us an idea of what to expect from upcoming devices such as Microsoft’s lower-priced Surface.

Pentium Silver N5000 and Pentium Gold Y-series CPUs

Considering that the new Surface is going to fit in the mid-range budget zone, it should come as no surprise that Microsoft needs to compromise on hardware specs to make it affordable. The folks at WinFuture which is a German publication are saying that their sources claim that the new Surface will be powered by Pentium Silver N5000 and Pentium Gold Y-series CPUs.

With the help of the new CPUs, the new Surface will be faster than the Atom-powered Surfaced 3. Although, it will not be powerful enough in order to compete against a Surface Pro model.

Microsoft was careful about choosing the right processor for the affordable Surface because it wanted to give customers a reason to keep purchasing the Pro model as well.

Price Tag

Rumor has it that Microsoft is planning to price the new Surface at $400. In addition, the device will ship without a keyboard and tech experts believe that Microsoft is aiming it towards students.

However, the one thing we can be sure about is that Microsoft wants the new device to compete directly against Apple’s iPads which are known to be what students usually purchase to help them with their courses.

Nonetheless, there isn’t that much information about the affordable Surface device, but Microsoft is surely going to unveil news about its features and hardware specs in the nearby future.