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Max Exchange, The Largest Crypto Trading Platform From Taiwan Lists Tron (TRX)


Tron’s team is thriving to make their way to the top and eventually reach their goal and grab the very first spot sometime in the future.

The number of exchanges that have listed Tron is increasing with each passing day. For instance, the week has just begun and three exchanges are already listing Tron.

Probably the launch of its Main Net played an important role and the upcoming token migration is attracting all these new exchanges from various parts of the world.

Justin Sun always likes to keep Tron enthusiasts updated with the latest news and achievements. This last announcement was made only after the deposits began.

Max Exchange allows Tron trading

Right after Indonesia’s Indodax and CoinEx have announced the addition of TRX on May 4th, Max exchange platform is also allowing trading of TRX on its platform, says the official statement. The deposits began yesterday June 4 and TRX/TWD pair is set to begin trading tomorrow June 6. TWD is the new Taiwan dollar.

MAX exchange is the largest exchange platform in Taiwan that offers TWD fiat to cryptocurrency and crypto-crypto trading.

The platform is open for crypto-fiat trading with TRX and TWD. Max had also recently listed Tether (USDT) cryptocurrency successfully.

The Tron Foundation still has lots of things to accomplish before the crypto reaches the top but by taking a look at its plans for the near future, Justin Sun’s plan to make Tron the crypto king doesn’t even sound that off for the moment.

“The TRON main net launch is just the beginning of many exciting things to come for the TRON network, users, developers, and supporters. With the constant growth of our team, contributions from the community developers and accomplishing each step in the roadmap, the expansion of the TRON ecosystem will continue to grow each day,” a Medium Tron post reads.