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Make Windows 10 Boot Faster by Disabling Intel Delayed Launcher


There is a high number of reports which are showing that many Windows 10 users keep complaining that their boot time is longer than usual. This issue is often related to apps, services and programs that are automatically launched when the PC is booting up. Therefore, the more apps that people install on their PC, the more it is going to slow down when booting.

Intel Delayed Launcher

One of the apps that is making PC boot time slower than usual is Intel Delayed Launcher. Today we are going to present what this app does and how people can disable it if they wish to. The app presents itself under the “iastoriconlaunch.exe” name and it’s a startup application which helps the Intel Rapid Recover Technology.

Intel Rapid Recover Technology has been specially developed to improve drive processing speeds when launching apps and it works on single SATA drivers and multiple RAID storages. Nonetheless, while this app makes the driver run faster, it still slows down the boot time and this is how people can disable it.

Disable Intel Delayed Launcher using MSConfig

If the boost of drive speed that Intel Rapid Recovery Technology is not worth having a PC that boots slower than usual, people can disable and enable it through MSConfing. Follow these next steps to disable the app.

  • Open “Run” by pressing the Windows Key +R;
  • Now type “msconfig” in the Run window and then press enter;
  • After typing “msconfig”, a new window will pop up and that’s where people need to search for “Intel Rapid Storage Technology”;
  • Uncheck the “Intel Rapid Storage Technology” option and click “Apply”, then “Ok”.

All that’s left now is to restart the PC and watch how it boot faster than it previously did. We should also mention that this app can be uninstalled completely, but we do not recommend this since it might affect the graphics driver’s overall performance.