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MacOS Mojave Beta 2 Rolled Out By Apple


Apple has put the upgrade machinery for its new systems into operation this afternoon. One of the first to be released is the second beta of the new MacOS Mojave, the new Mac system we’ll see in the autumn of 2018 that will increase the productivity of the users of Apple computers. Accordingly, the new MacOS Mojave Beta 2 has just rolled out.

Many users out there rely on their Macs, as the Apple’s computers have become indispensable for them. Many say that working on a Mac is a different thing, an experience that is not matched by any other computer.

And these people are right. Macbooks offer a unique experience indeed.

MacOS Mojave Beta 2 rolled out by Apple

Apple has made available to developers the second beta of the new and attractive MacOS Mojave, a system that will reach Apple fans with endless new features and incredible improvements under the hood that make it the best operating system available from Apple to date.

The build number is 18A314h, and as you know, MacOS Mojave introduces a new dark mode theme, Stacks, Group FaceTime and much more.

In macOS Mojave, the new dark mode theme transforms the desktop with a dramatic new look that focuses on the user’s content.

The new Stacks feature organizes cluttered desktops by automatically stacking files into clean groups.

Familiar iOS applications, including News and Voice Recorder, are now available on the Mac for the first time, while FaceTime now adds support for group calling.

Also, the Mac App Store gets a complete redesign that includes rich editorial content plus the addition of applications from top developers, including Microsoft, Adobe, and others.

In short, MacOS Mojave is a complete operating system from Apple, with lots of improvements over the previous versions. Now, the developers can try the recently launched MacOS Mojave Beta 2.