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LinkedIn Mobile App Implements A New Feature And Lets You Send Voice Messages To Business Contacts


LinkedIn gets a new feature that many users consider useless or strange.

This new strange feature was launched on Thursday on LinkedIn mobile app, where you’ll find it with the chat tool.

You will only be able to send messages from your phone, but you can listen to them on the app or LinkedIn website.

These messages can last a minute which is enough time to read your resume for instance.

The new feature comes with its own benefits 

The beneficial thing is that these messages will let you avoid phone calls when you’re giving your potential employer an idea of what you would sound like on a podcast.

LinkedIn provides more practical ideas, and it also suggests that you should use this new feature while you are walking or multitasking, for instance.

They think that this tool can help you make more personal connections with business contacts.

People usually make fun of LinkedIn and its emails, but the truth is that the platform has 562 million members and its extremely popular among recruiters, HR types and more business professionals.

LinkedIn is also the least scandal-plagued of the social media platforms because we really don’t think that you have ever heard about election interference or all kinds of creepy ads involving the platform.

This new voice feature comes as people are less and less likely to use the traditional voicemail which is a tool LinkedIn didn’t see as dead and buried just yet.

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