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LG Will Unveil Its 77-Inch Flexible And Transparent Display During The SID 2018 Event


LG is among the world’s largest displays makers, and this year it will unveil some of its futuristic models, a flexible and transparent display, during the SID 2018 technology conference.

LG Display, the displays manufacturing division of the South Korean giant, is one of the most profitable in the world. LG was responsible for producing Apple displays but they’ve lost the contract in front of Samsung.

However, some of Apple 5K-certified monitors to be used in tandem with the latest MacBooks are part of the LG portfolio.

In order to remain relevant in the market, the same company often has futuristic projects that will not be mass produced too soon.

This category includes transparent or flexible screens.

LG created a huge, flexible and transparent display and will present it during the SID 2018

A futuristic transparent display with a diagonal of no less than 77 inches will be detailed at the SID 2018 fair.

This screen does not yet have a mass production deadline but we are talking about a transparent and flexible OLED.

According to LG, the prototype will have a native Ultra HD resolution and a 40% transparency. Also, the new transparent display will be very flexible allowing users to roll it into a cylinder of 8-cm diameter.

Instead of entertainment or other applications, this new flexible and transparent display will most likely be used for advertising purposes, as it is ideal for being rolled around pillars in areas such as airports or subway stations.

Also, it could be used in stores to reveal information or commercial about the sales offers or whatever.

Dr. In-Byeong Kang, from the LG team that worked to develop the LG transparent display, has expressed his enthusiasm for the new screens and insisted that LG will continue to play an important role in introducing futuristic technologies.

As a reference, the LG engineers have put the basis of indispensable technologies such as IPS or OLED.