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Leak: Oppo A3’s Impressive CPU Power Unveiled by GeekBench Listing


Oppo A3 made headlines a couple of days ago when an official press render of it was leaked. The press render showed us that Oppo A3 is going to feature a sleek design but now, we finally get to see what type of specs it hides under its hood. Oppo A3 was spotted on GeekBench and in case you didn’t know, GeekBench listings show all the important specs of the smartphones which are being tested.

Oppo A3 GeekBench Listing

Right from the start we need to mention that Oppo A3 is super impressive! The smartphone scored a whopping 5755 points in the multi-core processor test. To make things even better, Oppo A3 also crushed the single-core test with a score of 1507. The reason why Oppo A3 is such a powerhouse is because it is fueled by an MTK6711 processor which clocks at 2.0GHz.

While the processor might be impressive on its own, the folks at Oppo wanted to make sure that their flagship device can run all sorts of tasks without any issues and paired the MTK6711 processor with 4GB of RAM and a long lasting 3,300 mAh battery.

Impressive Design

Samsung took the smartphone industry by storm last year when it launches its bezel less Galaxy S8 flagship. Apple saw this and decided to replicate that success by launching the highly popular iPhone X which also shipped with a bezel less display.

From the looks of it, Oppo is taking a page out of Apple and Samsung’s book because its upcoming flagship smartphone will ship with a cool-looking bezel less display. Furthermore, Oppo A3’s rear side looks even more impressive with a “geometrical themed” metal back.

Talking about the rear side, Oppo A3 is going to be the perfect smartphone for people who enjoy taking cool pictures because it will feature a highly optimized 16MP camera.