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Leak: Nokia 5.1 Plus Looks Just Like iPhone X


Nokia used to rule the smartphone industry back in the day, but things changed once bigger tech companies started launching new smartphones. The reason why Nokia’s popularity faded so quick was because Symbian OS powered nearly all Nokia smartphones while Android smartphones offered better performances and features.

Fortunately, HMD Global decided to acquire Nokia and to start producing high-end Nokia smartphones once again. Although, HMD Global is not repeating Nokia’s mistake and it’s using Google’s Android operating system on all new Nokia devices.

Nonetheless, the reason why Nokia is making headlines today is because a brand-new smartphone has been leaked.

Nokia 5.1 Plus Leaked Press Render

A new leak is showing us what Nokia 5.1 Plus looks like. The smartphone is said to launch in the upcoming months and that it will hold the title of being Nokia’s flagship smartphone, hence the full-screen display and sleek design.


The feature that grabs our attention the most is the top-notch display cutout. Apple was the company that started the trend of top-notch cutouts and it looks like Nokia is doing the same.

Even though Nokia 5.1 Plus looks similar to iPhone X when it comes to design, this is not a bad thing by any means since iPhone X is renowned for its sleek design.

Notable Specs

Unfortunately, the leak didn’t mention any information about Nokia 5.1 Plus’s hardware specs. However, rumor has it that a MediaTek Helio P23 processor will fuel Nokia 5.1 Plus. Not just that, but the smartphone will also ship with a 5.7-inch display.

The leaked press render unveils that Nokia 5.1 Plus will feature a dual camera setup that is mounted on the rear side and that the fingerprint sensor is placed right beneath it.