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Leak: Galaxy Note 9 Will Feature Upgraded Camera Technology


Galaxy Note 9 is scheduled to come out in late August and this smartphone will hold the title of being Samsung’s flagship device, thus the standards are raised pretty high. The South Korean tech giant already launched Galaxy S9 a couple of months ago and the smartphone has been well received. However, things are not looking that great for Galaxy Note 9.

No Design Innovation

A previous leak showed that Samsung doesn’t plan to innovate the design that Galaxy Note 9 offers at all. In fact, the leakster who stumbled upon a picture of Galaxy Note 9 said that there is no difference between last year’s Galaxy Note 8 when it comes to design.

This caused Samsung fans to lose excitement for the upcoming smartphone, but a new leak is showing us that Samsung will in fact equip Galaxy Note 9 with an innovative feature.

Upgraded Camera

The smartphone industry is more camera-centric than ever with rumors saying that Apple’s next iPhone will feature three rear-mounted cameras instead of the classic two.

Nonetheless, the latest leak regarding Galaxy Note 9 is hinting towards the fact that Samsung’s upcoming flagship will feature an upgraded camera. While Samsung might not be equipping Galaxy Note 9 with three rear-mounted cameras, the South Korean tech giant is probably only looking to tweak out its software so that it can produce higher quality images.

Upgraded Processor

As previously mentioned, Galaxy S9 launched a couple of months ago and with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 845 processor under its hood. The octa-core processor is impressive, but Samsung wants to take things to the next level with Galaxy Note 9.

Rumor has it that Galaxy Note 9 will ship with a special version of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845. The upgraded processor will have a faster clock speed and it will be exclusive to Samsung, at least until Galaxy Note 9 is officially launched.