Home Gadgets Leak: 2018 iPhone X with 6.1-inch LCD Screen Makes Surprise Appearance

Leak: 2018 iPhone X with 6.1-inch LCD Screen Makes Surprise Appearance


Recent reports have been showing that Apple is planning to launch three iPhone models during 2018. The interesting thing about this is that one of those three models is going to be an affordable version of iPhone X.

Knowing how Apple is not one to create cheap iPhones, many people believed those reports were false. Luckily, a new leak is showing us that Apple is indeed adding the finishing touches to an affordable 6.1-inch LCD screen iPhone X.

Affordable iPhone X

Apple is a company that loves to innovate the smartphone industry and iPhone X is an excellent example of that. iPhone X took the smartphone industry by storm when it launched because Apple equipped it with an innovative looking full-screen design and Face ID unlocking technology. On the downside of things, iPhone X is priced at over $1,000 and not everyone can afford it.

The Cupertino based tech giant saw that its fans would love to get an iPhone X, but that they can’t afford to spend so much money on it and decided to create an affordable version of iPhone X. This smartphone will ship with a couple of hardware downgrades when compared to the original model such as an LCD screen instead of OLED.

2018 iPhone X Leak

Even though Apple is months away from unveiling any information about its upcoming iPhone 2018 lineup, we got lucky and a picture which revealed the prototype dummy of the affordable iPhone X surfaced on the web.

The picture doesn’t show us anything innovative, but it does confirm that Apple fans are finally going to afford to purchase an iPhone X model, even though it might come with lesser hardware specs.

We should mention that the leaked picture was posted by the third-party case maker “Ghostek” who is known for leaking exciting iPhone details in the past.