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League of Legends Gets One Billion Views on Twitch – YouTube Feels Threatened


League of Legends is the most popular MOBA in the world and it is usually ranked as the most viewed game on Twitch. However, League of Legends has recently hit the massive milestone of getting one billion views!

This is the first channel to get these many views on Twitch and it shows us that the streaming platform is getting bigger by the day. Not just that, but it also highlights just how colossal League of Legends’s fan base really is.

League of Legends Gets One Billion Views

“We’d like to extend a thank you to the viewers for helping the @RiotGames @Twitch channel be the first one to surpass 1 billion views. We could not have done it without your loyal support” said the official League of Legends Twitter account.

Gaming is Taking Over 

One of the reasons why League of Legends is getting so many views on Twitch is because of the game’s competitive scene. As crazy as this might sound, the competitive scene of League of Legends is getting more views than the famous American Superbowl.

League of Legends peaked at 127 million viewers on May during the Mid-Season Invitation event while Superbowl peaked at 103 million viewers.

Twitch is Competing with YouTube

Even though Twitch has been competing with YouTube for a couple of years now, no one expected Twitch to pose a real threat to YouTube. However, having a channel which got one billion views is showing that YouTube does have something to fear.

Maybe this is why YouTube recently announced that it will introduce a new $4.99/per month subscription system for “premium users”, something which Twitch has been doing ever since it was launched. Nonetheless, another League of Legends championship will start on July 1st and the channel will surely get more views than ever!