LEAGOO, an Asian manufacturer specializing in affordable smartphones, prepares a range of priced below $200, offering facilities typically reserved for superior price products.

Shown in a 7.9-mm thick case, the LEAGOO T5 is a 5.5″ smartphone offering 1080p resolution, powered by a 1.8GHz octagonal processor configuration and 4GB of RAM. The list of features includes a fingerprint sensor, a 3000mAh battery, a 13MP front camera and a main camera consisting of two 13MP and 5MP optical sensors. This allows you to take pictures alternating between two zoom levels, ie applying selective focusing effects that enhance the aspect of the image.

LEAGOO T5 supports mobile internet connections at 4G LTE speeds and has 64GB of internal memory, enough to host a large collection of pictures and video clips. The new smartphone will be officially available as of July 2017.