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Latest Vidmate 3.37 APK Makes Video Downloads Faster


If you are the type of person who loves watching online videos, then Vidmate is the perfect app for you. Vidmate is the most popular online video downloader app for Android smartphones and its plethora of features makes it a great app to have.

The fact that Vidmate is able to download videos is not what makes it special, but the fact that it makes this process easy and simple is.

Vidmate 3.37 APK

The latest version of Vidmate sports the 3.37 build number and it’s available in form of APK. What this means is that Android users are the only ones allowed to install it because APK stands for Android Package Kit. In addition, Android users will need to download and install this update manually since this is the case with all APK updates.

The reason why Vidmate is not available on the official Google Play Store is because it’s features go against the ToS (terms of service). However, this doesn’t mean that the app poses any threat to smartphones and just that popular streaming platforms like YouTube are against it.

Download Online Videos

Talking about popular streaming platforms, Vidmate supports all of them! Here are some of the biggest streaming platforms that Vidmate supports: YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, FunnyorDie, Instagram, Facebook and even Dailymotion among others.

HD Forming

Taking in consideration the fact that Vidmate has been specially created to download online videos, it should come as no surprise that the app’s developers made sure to include HD formatting features. Therefore, Vidmate users are able to choose their preferred quality which can range from lower quality to full HD 1080 x 1920p.

File Manager

Another great feature that Vidmate offers is a built-in file manager. This feature is great because it categorizes videos by size, name and download date. The file manager will make sure that all downloaded files are sorted accordingly which makes them easy to find.

The app is available on CNet.com.