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Latest Rumors Talk About A Samsung Galaxy S10 “Lite” With A Side-Mounted Fingerprint Sensor


In the past few months, we’ve heard many stories and rumors about the future Samsung Galaxy S10, but only a few of these come from reliable sources. SamMobile, on the other hand, is one of the sources with a good track record and now claims to have exciting information about Samsung’s next flagship models. According to them, a Samsung Galaxy S10 “Lite” would come out with a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, instead of the rumored in-display sensor.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus would boast a triple camera system with super wide-angle lenses

According to SamMobile, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, the premium model of the series, will come out with a triple camera system with super wide-angle lenses.

Previous rumors said that the upcoming Samsung’s flagships will boast an in-display fingerprint sensor. Now, as reported by SamMobile, Samsung will go with this option only for the S10 Plus and, possibly, for the standard model.

We don’t know now which is the truth here, but we’ll find out in the following weeks.

S10 will come out in three models, including a Samsung Galaxy S10 “Lite” with a side-mounted fingerprint sensor and a smaller screen

Yeah, you read it right, Samsung will release three models for its Galaxy S10 flagship.

Rumors coming from SamMobile say that the Korean technology giant plans to introduce three Galaxy S10 phones instead of two models as it happened with S8 and S9.

Accordingly, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus would come out with a 6.44-inch screen, while the standard S10 model will boast a 6.2-inch display. Besides, a Samsung Galaxy S10 “Lite” would also roll out with a smaller 5.8-inch screen and at an affordable price.

To keep the price competitive, the cheaper Galaxy S10, most probably dubbed as “Lite,” will come with a side-mounted fingerprint and a flat Infinity display instead of the curved screen that would be present in the two premium models, which are rumored to have an in-display fingerprint sensor.


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