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Latest Google Pixel 3 XL Leak Confirms Top-Notch Display Cutout


Google is scheduled to unveil Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL in October 2018 and the entire Android community is excited about this. The Pixel lineup represents Google’s vision of “perfect Android smartphones” and to make things even better, the new smartphones are expected to ship with an edge-to-edge screen and top-notch cutout which gives fans even more reasons to get excited.

Google Pixel 3 XL Leak

As previously mentioned, the two smartphones will be launched towards the end of the year and Google doesn’t want to unveil any official information about them. Fortunately for us and other eager Android fans, a new leak which shows Pixel 3 XL’s sleek design has surfaced on the web.

Promotional Picture

From the looks of it, the newly leaked picture is a promotional picture of Pixel 3 XL. The most important thing about this leak is that it confirms to everyone that Google will indeed go with a top-notch cutout which makes Pixel 3 XL resemble iPhone X, which is supposed to be its biggest competitor.

Android P

We should also mention that Pixel 3 XL will ship with Google’s new Android P operating system right out of the box. Therefore, the leaked picture gives us a glimpse of what the new operating system will look like. In addition, Android P is already available in beta form and Google is planning to release it during the upcoming months.

Powerful Specs

Since Pixel 3 XL will hold the title of being Google’s flagship smartphone, it should come as no surprise that the Android parent decided to equip it with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 845 CPU. This processor is powerful and it ships bundled with 6GB of RAM which means that Pixel 3 XL will be able to take care of all types of heavy tasks.