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iPhone XR Brings Bad News to Samsung and Google


Competing against Apple is not an easy task and both Samsung and Google can confirm that. Just take for example last year when Apple revealed the sleek-looking iPhone X which shipped with incredible design, Face ID authentication system and a processor that is more powerful than anything else available on the market. The only thing that Samsung and Google had going on for them was the fact that Apple priced iPhone X at $999.

Well, it looks like Apple is determined to take complete control over the smartphone industry because it has just unveiled iPhone XR and this device comes with the same sophisticated features as iPhone X, but it costs only $749. Is this the end of the Android era?

iPhone XR

Even though iPhone XR is an affordable version of iPhone X, the new device is still equipped with impressive features such as the all-screen design that made iPhone X famous and an incredibly powerful processor that puts the likes of Galaxy Note 9 to shame. This leads us to believe that Google is going to have a difficult time trying to sell Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL which are scheduled to launch in October.

Taking Over the Smartphone Industry

The only downside about iPhone XR is the fact that it uses LCD technology instead of OLED. However, this was to be expected since Apple needed to compromise on some hardware specs in order to make the $749 price tag possible.

Considering that the difference between LCD and OLED is not that significant, we think it’s safe to say that iPhone XR is going to become a best seller. Nonetheless, the new generation of iPhones that Apple has unveiled two days ago is making it more difficult than ever for Samsung and Google to compete.


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