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iPhone 8 Holds the Title of Being the World’s Fastest Smartphone


Traditionally, Apple loves to overhype its devices. For example, every time a new iPhone is released Apple always claims that it’s the best smartphone its ever made. However, this time Apple is not lying at all. iPhone 8 is indeed the world’s fastest smartphone and it puts the likes of Galaxy Note 8 to shame. In fact, iPhone 8 even beat a 13-inch MacBook Pro that’s powered by a seventh generation of Core i5 processor in a performance test.

iPhone 8 Puts Galaxy Note 8 to Shame

As everyone surely knows, the biggest rivalry in the smartphone world is the one between Apple and Samsung. These two companies are racing against each other every day and it finally looks like Apple is taking the lead. Samsung loves to boast over the fact how its smartphones so much more powerful than any iPhone but this time, Apple gets to do that.


The reason we can safely say that iPhone 8 is the fastest smartphone in the world is because it was tested on GeekBench. This platform is used by developers all over the world to test their device’s performance level. Additional, iPhone 8’s test was overlooked by John Poole himself, who is the founder and creator of GeekBench. John Pool actually stated that iPhone 8’s impressive results can be compared against Dell XP 13 and MacBook 13-inch (Core i5) even though they are different platforms.

Impressive Score

The feature image clearly shows that iPhone 8 Plus scores a whopping 10,472 score which is enormous in comparison with the likes of Galaxy Note 8 which scored only 6,564 points. What we should take from this GeekBench test is the fact that Apple finally managed to create a processor that blows everyone out of the water and that Samsung needs to up the antes in order to keep competing.