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iPhone 2018 Model With 6.1-inch LCD Leaked In An Ad For A Protective Case


This year Apple is preparing to launch two new iPhone handsets with OLED screens, one with a 5.8-inch display model that will be almost identical to the iPhone X, and another that will boast a 6.4-inch screen. Both will be accompanied by an iPhone 2018 model with 6.1-inch LCD which leaked surprisingly in an ad for a protective case.

Apple’s goal in launching three different terminals is that to have a more extensive portfolio of smartphones to reach more consumers. The two OLED models will be the “premium” options, something that will be noticeable in their prices, while the iPhone 2018 6.1-inch LCD, dubbed as iPhone 9, will be the “economical” alternative.

Thanks to an ad for a protective case, it was confirmed the design of this iPhone 9 and, in general, there are no surprises, as everything fits with the rumors which circulated online.

The upcoming iPhone 2018 6.1-inch LCD will boast a notch

Apple will repeat the 19:9 format with a notch on the top where the sensors, the call speaker, and the True Depth front camera will be mounted to allow access to Face ID, a biometric authentication system that will completely displace Touch ID.

On the front, there are no changes compared to the iPhone X 2017 and, on the back, the only new feature is the presence of a single camera that comes with a flash located at its bottom.

This leak confirms the elimination of a dual camera configuration for this economic model.

All the three iPhone 2018 models will boast the new generation of A12 SoC

It can be assumed that the three new iPhone 2018 models will feature the design of the iPhone X and that the screen edges of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will never be repeated on an Apple terminal again.

As for the specifications of these new terminals, they will have in common the new A12 SoC, a new generation chip that will be manufactured with the new 7-nm technology.