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iPad Pro vs iPad vs iPad Mini 4: Comparing Apple’s Latest Tablets


Everybody was expecting Apple to introduce a new premium iPad this year. Sadly, this hasn’t happened yet. On the bright side though, Apple did introduce a new member to its tablet offering, the 9.7-inches iPad. In addition, this new iPad also sent iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 2 into retirement.

With that being said, these are Apple’s latest tablets: iPad Pro 12.9, iPad Pro 9.7, iPad (2017) and iPad mini 4. Today we are going to briefly compare these four gadgets and see which one deserves our attention the most.


Since these tablets are handheld devices, their weight is rather important. The high-end iPad Pro 12.9-inches weighs in at 713 grams while the smaller 9.7-inches variant weighs in at only 437 grams. Even though the new iPad (2017) also measures in at 9.7-inches, it’s a bit heavier than the previous tablet since it weighs 469 grams. Lastly, we have iPad Mini 4 which holds the title of being the lightest device with only 299 grams.

Build and Color Options

All four tablets come out as equals in the build department since all of them are made from aluminum. Although, iPad Pro 9.7-inches has a slighter edge in the color variants department since it is also available in the rose gold option.

Apple Keyboard Support

This is a great feature to have since it allows users to connect the tablet to the Apple Smart Keyboard which enhances productivity levels and it makes the tablet feel more like a laptop. Sadly, only two of Apple’s iPad offerings ship with Apple Keyboard Support and they are iPad Pro 12.9-inches and iPad Pro 9.7-inches. Moreover, the aforementioned iPad Pro tablets are also compatible with the Apple Pencil.

Display Technology

Surprisingly, all tablets feature the same high 2048 x 1536-pixel resolution even though their panel sizes are different. Additionally, the smaller iPad Mini 4 has the biggest pixel density out of them all featuring 326 pixels per inch while all the other three tablets feature 264 pixels per inch.