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iPad Pro 12.9-inches (2017) vs iPad Pro 10.5-inches (2017): Comparing Apple’s Latest Tablets


This year has been a good one for iPad fans. Apple removed iPad Air 2 and replaced it with a much cheaper 9.7-inches iPad (2017) back in March. However, things don’t end there since Apple also introduced two new iPad Pro tablets. We are talking about the 12.9-inches iPad Pro and the smaller 10.5-inches iPad Pro.

These new iPad Pro models are amazing when it comes to hardware power and design, but there’s a downside to them. Seeing how they are very similar, customers are never sure which one deserves their attention the most. Well, fear not since today we are going to point out what makes these tablets special and maybe help readers decided which tablet they like more.


Apple is renowned throughout the world for its sleek designs and this can be clearly see on the new iPad Pro models. When it comes to design, the two iPad Pros are basically identical. The only difference is their size. However, this is not a bad thing at all since Apple’s classic design looks amazing on these gadgets.


Leaving aesthetics aside, the most important difference that customers are going to notice between the two iPad Pro devices is their screen size. The 10.5-inches iPad Pro features smaller screen bezels which makes its display bigger than what the 9.7-inches iPad Pro offers.

On the other hand, we have the much larger 12.9-inches iPad Pro. Obviously, this device ships with a larger screen and surprisingly, the resolution quality difference between these two tablets is not that big. The 10.5-inches iPad Pro offers a high 2224 x 1668 pixel resolution and 264ppi while the bigger 12.9-inches model features a higher resolution of 2732 x 2014 and 264 ppi.

Final Words

As we can clearly see, the only differences between Apple’s latest tablets is their screen and pixel resolution. Although, there is another difference, their price! The 10.5-inches iPad Pro costs $599.00 for the standard model while the premium 12.9-inches iPad Pro is priced at $649.00.