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iPad and iPhone Owners Buckle Up because iOS 11 is Coming


One of the highlights during Apple’s latest even wasn’t only the highly anticipated iPhone X, but also iOS 11. The new operating system is said to enhance Apple’s user experience and to also bring a bunch of new innovative features such as the cool animojis. Nonetheless, the operating system is scheduled to start rolling out on September 19th for both iPhone and iPad owners.

Augmented Reality

iOS 11 contains a large number of new features but augmented reality is the most interesting one of them. This new feature will give apps and software the ability to overlay digital images/videos over the real world. Obviously, this will work with the use of iPhone X’s new camera and through third-party app developers. In fact, there are already a bunch of mobile game companies have already announced that they’re getting ready to launch AR games.


One of the greatest things about Apple’s iPads is that they can be used for both work and entertainment purposes. Therefore, iOS 11’s new multitasking feature which allow users to open up multiple apps side by side will enhance the functionality of every iPad and iPhone. Another cool feature that’s going to arrive alongside iOS 11 is the new drag and drop function.

Roll Out Date

As previously mentioned, the new operating system will start shipping out on September 19th. This means that iPad and iPhone owners should keep their eyes peeled at their notification panel because iOS 11 will arrive in the upcoming days. Moreover, Apple will automatically alert people through notifications when iOS 11 becomes available for download. However, eager Apple fans can also check for it manually by accessing the “software update” panel in the settings menu.