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iOS 12 Public Beta is Now Available to Everyone


Apple announced that the final version of iOS 12 is going to arrive during the upcoming months. However, eager Apple fans who want to get their hands on the latest features that iOS 12 brings can now download the public beta.

The new operating system is available directly via Apple’s official website. Moreover, Apple fans will need to head over to the iOS tab, download the desired profile and install it on their smartphone.

iOS 12 Public Beta

We need to let Apple fans know that just like with all public beta operating system, iOS 12 will have its fair share of bugs. Therefore, iPhone and iPad owners who want to install the new operating system need to make sure that they are willing to deal with bugs and stability issues before getting iOS 12. Nonetheless, let’s check out some of iOS 12’s most important features.

Improved iPhone Performances

Apple is always looking to improve the performance of its iPhones and the company doesn’t rely only on hardware. Apple launches software tweaks which help CPUs run faster and this is exactly what iOS 12 does for iPhones. Apple’s VP Craig Federighi is saying that iOS 12 will improve the app launch performance of older iPhones by 40%.


If you ever dreamed of becoming an emoji, then iOS 12 is exactly what you need! The new operating system comes with a cool feature known as Memoji which lets users take pictures of their face with the special AR (augmented reality) front camera and then turn themselves into emojis.

FaceTime Improvements

FaceTime is one of Apple’s most popular features and the Cupertino tech-based giant is looking to improving it in iOS 12. FaceTime will now support up to 32 participants in a video call group.