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iOS 12 Leak Reveals iPad Pro 2018 Without a Display Top-Notch


Apple reinvented the iPhone lineup back in 2017 when it launched iPhone X. The new flagship device shipped with an innovative design that featured slim bezels and a top-notch. Therefore, everyone is expecting that Apple’s next-generation iPad Pro will receive the same treatment. Well, it seems like we are wrong since a code line and a small icon from iOS 12’s software has confirmed that the upcoming iPad Pro will not feature a top-notch.

iPad Pro 2018 Will Not Feature a Top-Notch

The tiny blue iOS 12 icon that can be seen here reveals that iPad Pro 2018 will be thinner than its predecessors, but it will not feature a display top-notch. We should also mention that the border lines showcased in the blue icon are more uniform than usual and that the home row of apps will appear on the bottom side.

Face ID

Leaving the cool design of iPhone X aside, the other reason why Apple fans were expecting iPad Pro 2018 to ship with a top-notch is because the device is supposedly going to feature Apple’s new FaceID biometric authentication system.

Seeing that iPad Pro 2018 will not feature a top-notch, we think it’s safe to assume that Apple will not equip it with FaceID, but the question that remains is how people will unlock iPad Pro 2018 because the leaked blue icon doesn’t feature a Home button?

No Headphone Jack

Even though this can’t be seen in the tiny icon, iPad Pro 2018 will more than likely ship without a 3.5mm headphone jack. Apple was the first company to remove this classic feature and all its latest iPhones are not equipped with a headphone jack.

Final Words

Apple has yet to announce a release date for iPad Pro 2018 and this means that the tech giant is still adding the finishing touches to the upcoming device. This leads us to believe that Apple might still decide to implement a display top-notch on iPad Pro 2018 and that we shouldn’t be disappointed yet!


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