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iOS 12 Leak Reveals Dual-SIM Support for Next-Gen iPhone


The latest beta 5 version of iOS 12 was released on Monday and it revealed a bunch of exciting details about Apple’s upcoming operating system. Even though beta testers couldn’t spot any major changes at first, they were able to find a line of code which showed that iOS 12 will support dual SIM.

We should note that the internet has been buzzing with rumors about the fact that Apple’s next-generation of iPhones will feature dual-SIM support, and luckily, these rumors have been proven to be true.

iPhone with Dual SIM Support

The folks at 9to5Mac were the ones who found the line of code which revealed that Apple’s upcoming iPhone will feature dual SIM support. Another exciting thing that is being highlighted in this line of code is that some iPhones will ship with trays that can support two SIM cards at the same time.

Moreover, there will be two different versions of iPhones in the future and one version will support two physical SIM cards while the other will feature eSIM.

Apple is Catching Up

What we can take from this latest iPhone leak is that Apple is catching up to Android. Android smartphones have offered dual SIM support for a long time now and iOS fans have been asking to receive the same treatment but to no avail. Fortunately, Apple didn’t waste any time and decided to introduce the highly asked for feature in iOS 12.

Next-Generation iPhone X

Apple is planning to launch the next-generation iPhone X in September and that’s when we will see the first iPhone to feature dual-SIM support.

Leaks have shown that Apple is also working on an affordable version of iPhone X which features an LCD panel instead of OLED. Nonetheless, let’s hope Apple implements this feature on all its upcoming iPhone models.


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