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iOS 12 Jailbreak Is Already Developed But Most Probably It Won’t Be Publicly Available


iOS 12 was launched two weeks ago at WWDC 2018 and is still in its first developer beta. This short time hasn’t stopped the jailbreak community working on an iOS 12 jailbreak solution. In fact, one of them claims to have achieved this and has evidence of it.

Tencent Keen Security Lab team was responsible for this jailbreak, which Liang Cheng shared this weekend on Twitter. As you can see in the video below, Cheng begins by showing the version of iOS that is running on an iPhone X.

Cheng then uses a proprietary app developed by his Tencent security team. He then ran the tool that allows iOS 12 jailbreak and waits for the process to complete. To demonstrate the success of this jailbreak, he shows the Cydia app already installed.

iOS 12 jailbreak solution is already developed, but it will not be made publicly available

Even though this is a jailbreak version fully operational under iOS 12, you shouldn’t expect to install it soon on your iPhone or iPad.

In recent years, security teams specializing in this type of action have limited themselves to showing their developing aptitudes without making these tools public and reserving their secrets for their own projects.

This prevents Apple from finding the security flaws that allow them to work and closing them in an iOS update.

In the case of Keen Security Lab, owned by Chinese technology giant Tencent, they say that “the results of their research will be widely applied to Tencent products and technologies. Therefore, there is a high probability that we will not see this iOS 12 jailbreak solution released to the public.

The jailbreak scene has long since lost a certain appeal. At the end of 2017, the ModMyi and MacCiti repositories announced their closure.

In addition, over time many of the functions that were gained have been integrated by iOS, gradually reducing the “excuses” for unlocking an iOS device.