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iOS 12 is Not Only For Beta Testers – Here’s the Benefits that Apple’s New OS Brings


Apple took everyone by surprise when it launched the beta version of iOS 12 on Monday. Everyone who wishes to get a glimpse of what Apple’s upcoming operating system is going to look like can check it out by enlisting in the iOS beta program.

However, getting iOS 12 is not only about testing stuff out because the new operating system actually comes with a bunch of highly useful features which improve the hardware performances of any iPhone model.

Improved Hardware Performance

The reason why everyone should install iOS 12 on their iPhone is because the new operating system will make the device’s performances more powerful. Apple said that it optimized the software on iOS 12 so that all iPhone models will be more efficient at taking care of tasks.

For example, older handheld devices such iPhone 6S will launch apps 40% faster than usual. Apple is saying that older iPhone models are not the only ones who will get this performance boost, but newer models such as iPhone X will also see a spike in their performances. Nonetheless, let’s see what other features iOS 12 contains.

New Notifications System

Apple has been receiving lots of criticism during this past couple of months for its faulty notification system. The annoying this about iOS notifications is the fact that they don’t stack. People who receive lots of emails or messages from apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger will always have their notification panel filled and the only way to get rid of notifications is to delete them manually.

On the other hand, Google’s latest Android 8.0 Oreo operating system automatically sorts and stacks notifications, thus making it easier for Android users to read or dismiss them. Luckily, Apple has listened to the feedback and decided to redesign the way the notification system works in iOS 12.